10 Important Push Notification Best Practices For Marketers

Push notifications are a great way to get a user back to your website but did you know that about 60% of users turn off push notifications? This is because. it’s either the notification sent wasn’t relevant, actionable or sent at the right time.

But did you also know that if your website’s push notifications are sent timely and actionable to users you could boost your website’s clicks by 50% than emails would? And also that push notifications have 7 times higher click rate than email marketing? Well, in this article, I will share with you 10 best push notification practices you could use as a marketer.

10 Important Push Notification Best Practices For Marketers

1. Make Them Relevant

This has to do with personalizing notifications and keeping them short. Send notifications to users with their names and interests or something related to their interest based on the information you have about the user. This also should be based on who the users are and what they want to receive.

2. Timing Matters

Time is really key to getting a user to your website but it is abused by most marketers. Did you know that 63 % of marketers send their push notifications at the wrong time? The time at which you send you notifications to users is really important. Make sure you don’t send your push notifications during the time most people are asleep since it could be disturbing or even get ignored when the user is awake. Also, schedule push notifications according to the timezone of users.

Send notifications to users between the times of 10 am – 9 pm during the day for effective results. 11 am is proven to be the most effective time to send push notifications.

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3. Analytics

Make some analysis based on the push notifications you send versus the push notifications that get opened. This could help you to identify irrelevant notifications versus the relevant ones your targeted users like. Push notifications that don’t get opened may be a sign of it being ineffective and when users are bombarded with these irrelevant or ineffective notifications, it can lead to your app been deleted.

4. Make your Notifications Actionable

This has to do with notifications sending users to specific web pages they clicked for and not just the homepage or even any page that has nothing to do with the notification sent. Make sure that notifications sent send users to the page they were expecting.

You can also make your notifications more interactive by asking simple yes or no questions, this shouldn’t necessarily take the user to your page or open the app but a way for the user to interact with your app. An example could be- Which product do you prefer X or Y and when the user selects say X you can collect that to your database and send the user notifications based on their selection

5. Wording

Choosing the right words and also the total number of words is really important. Keeping notification between 11 words and below is effective. Also, make your push notifications interesting by varying the words structure.

6. Educate Users

This is best done when the user opens your website for the third time and not the first time. Make sure to send the user an option to opt for push notification and the explain to the user the context and what’s in for them for opting for push notifications from you then the user wouldn’t mind you sending them notifications. This makes the notification more relevant to the user.

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7. Do not Overdo

It When sending push notifications to users, make sure not to flood users with messages. Be selective with the notifications you would like to send and make sure not to repeat the same kind of message over and over unless it is an emergency. Ritchie Pettauer, a digital media strategist says ” These notifications are still pretty new, the conversion rate is high as long as you don’t overdo it”-

8. Use FOMO

Push notifications require an instant response, therefore making your notifications appear more urgent to trigger the FOMO in users will increase the chance of your notification being clicked on. Avoid the use of overused words when creating an urgent message.

9. Put the User In Charge

Giving the user control over what to receive can be difficult to implement. Nevertheless, this can help you categorize your notifications so you can engage users with what they want notifications they want to receive and what they wouldn’t like.

10. Rich Push

This is a really great tool you can use to make your push notifications more informative, effective and lively to users. Rich push allows web marketers to use videos, images, and gifs when sending their push notification. Desktop applications like Chrome 56 and anythings upwards support rich push.

When you know who you’re sending to, what they like, the kind of tech they use and what to send, your daily visitors should skyrocket. Use the above tips and your notifications wouldn’t be deemed annoying. Check Feedify For More Info

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