5 Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

The feng shui is the art of arranging the space and environment in accordance with certain rules to promote the flow of good energy. Furniture, color, materials, trinket, each object has its importance and function and can disadvantage you, or on the contrary, help you in your quest for a better life. Discover in this article 5 feng shui tips for wealth.


1. Be careful with the placement of a mirror

Hanging mirrors in the wrong place can have unpleasant consequences:

The Qi (life energy) led into the living rooms through windows or doors is reflected by a mirror placed on the opposite wall and directly catapulted out again. It can not spread and so work or living spaces are not sufficiently supplied with new energy. Residents literally feel energyless and everyday life is harder.

Unpleasant views, such as clutter, chaos or grubby squares are further enhanced by mirrors. They should also be avoided in the bedroom because they throw back the used energy and thus prevent restful sleep.

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2. Avoid opposite doors and windows

The Qi flows in through the front door into the living or working areas and the energy consumed through the back door. However, if doors and windows are directly opposite each other, a “Qi-shot” is created and the positive energy cannot be held. The health, harmony, prosperity and professional success of the residents are negatively influenced and endangered.

When planning your house, you should, therefore, pay attention to the correct position of the doors and windows. If it is too late to do so, as you have already moved into ready-made office or living space, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent ‘Qi shoot-through’.

3. Beware of water placement

Water reacts to all vibrations. It collects and activates energies, but also releases them. This power is used in Feng Shui for health, happiness, and prosperity. This should be a water placement. Like a pond, swimming pool or well, but not haphazard, since the water-energy can not only positive but also have a negative impact. Diseases or financial disaster are not uncommon if they are misplaced.

Water in the southeast or on the right in front of the building (looking at the entrance from the front) are good places. But avoid water to the right and left of the entrance at the same time and directly behind the house. Too much water can have a negative impact on the residents.

In order for the water to energetically support you, you must make sure that it is always in a gentle flow. Standing waters contaminate quickly, are smelly and not a pretty sight, which also leads to a negative effect. The exact location and direction of flow can only be accurately calculated by a well-trained Feng Shui consultant in Bangalore.

4. Avoid missing areas

Often, apartments or houses are not square, practical, good, but have an irregular floor plan. The pieces that are missing are called Feng Shui “Missing Areas”. Depending on where the missing area is, different people are affected. Financial and health problems can arise, to name but two of the undesirable consequences that can be expressed in all areas of life.

One should compensate therefore missing areas by optical measures and thus “bring in”. A homely design with beautiful plants, a cozy sofa, and decorative materials make the outdoor area appear like another room and invite you to extensive use.

5. Bed and desk orientation to Feng Shui

Do you sometimes wake up like a wheelchair? Are you sleeping restlessly? Do your children suffer from concentration problems? Then the orientation of the bed and desk can be to blame.

For a healthy sleep and concentrated work should there be a so-called stable wall in the back, ie no windows or doors, bed, and desk should be in such a way that you have the door in view, The location should not be between facing windows and doors.
The first two measures prevent the feeling of being frightened or being watched. You have control of the room and feel safe with it.

Work or sleep between the window and the door you are directly in a “Qi-shot”. That this is not good, goes without saying. Imagine, they are always penetrated by raging energy.

Everyone has their own personal cardinal directions. Ideally, the placement of the bed, desk, and each person’s line of sight should be in line with its good direction.

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