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Buy Youtube Views and Subs
Buy Youtube Views and Subs

Every aspiring YouTuber has once in a while thought of buying YouTube subscribers and views at one point or another. Typically speaking when you are new on YouTube, you start producing lots and lots of content but you very quickly realize that it’s not that easy. You can’t go from 0 to 10000 subscribers overnight. Since it’s very important to be very active on YouTube in order to have an influence and a successful channel.

This article answers all your queries about buying subscribers and views on your channel and how to do it in a right and ethical way. So there are some old and traditional ways and some new and more approachable ways to increase people’s engagement on your channel that will ultimately get you more views & more subscribers. And the best part? They’re engaged & targeted subs.

 Buying subscribers from third party websites.
This is the most common and widely practised way of increasing subscribers on YouTube. Websites like etc. can be used to buy subscribers. But there is a problem in buying subscribers from these shady sites. These subscribers are not genuine people who are interested in watching your content. They are just dead subscribers and in the long run, they would cause more harm to your channel than good.

 Hosting giveaways and promoting your channel on your different social media platforms.
This way of increasing subscribers on YouTube is much more ethical and legit. By these methods, you are not deliberately buying subscribers but you are just tricking and luring people to engage more on your channel. The best part about these subscribers is that they are actually interested in your content. They will be active on your channel in the long run as long as you keep producing good content.

 Google adds.
Since Google is the parent company of YouTube you can actually pay Google to promote your channel by showing your ads and popups on different people’s feed. This is a very great way of advertising your channel to your targeted audience. Google uses various factors such as your age, demographics and content type to bring you the audience that would actually like your content. These subscribers will be the most genuine ones and they will further enhance your channel.

These were some ways by which you can definitely increase your subscribers but always remember that nothing happens overnight and you have to be consistent in producing good content so as to keep people engaged on your channel. Also always remember that anything done unethically can cause really big harm to your channel like suspension of your channel or even worse getting banned from YouTube. Hope this article will solve all your queries about YouTube and buying subscribers and views on YouTube.

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