Why Content Marketing and Social Media are considered being most Important SEO Tools?

Getting hold of your target audience is a cumbersome task. Deciding upon the appropriate and most effective strategy is a challenge faced by any and every organization in this highly digitized world. Having online presence is inevitable but how to make self visible consistently with a view to promote your brand, products and services is a thought to ponder upon. Content marketing and Social Media have evolved to be the most sought after SEO tools in the recent times with remarkable results to be praised on. Easy to say than really understanding how and why content marketing and social media are considered the most important SEO tools now-a-days.

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Both content marketing and social media strive towards achieving relevance for the target audience with a vision of growing and surviving in the market. If content marketing is about keeping the audience informed and entertained then on the other hand social media is about your content’s promotion. Content marketing and social media have become the two main SEO tools that happen to fall under the same umbrella to stay up-to-date in order to acquire more customers and increase the traffic on your website.

The Importance of Content Marketing and Social Media for SEO

It is an accepted fact that all three i.e. content marketing, social media and SEO go hand in hand however the answer to “Why” continues to be an opportunity to be explored more. It is all about gaining a high ranking in Google search results therefore ensuring that all due importance and consideration is given to what Google incorporates is necessary.

  • Twitter used by Google to discover content – Every single second, something is added to the worldwide web. It is a complex repository of unlimited content and information that definitely makes it tedious to search things online. More is the content, more time it takes for the search to generate results however Google uses Twitter to discover new content. Factors like re-tweets, number of people who tweeted the content, the time when it was tweeted and so on happen to be considered while content indexation by Google. Therefore, both content as well as social media work together to determine how the SEO tool works effectively
  • Develop social media channels for better backlink building – The more back links you have, the more is the probability of a better ranking in Google’s SERPs. With social media picking up pace, the issue was taken care of since not much hard work is required to create back links these days. Google has chosen to consider social media for getting links since it is one that is not manipulated unlike the previous ones hence, social media is the ultimate resort for building better links now-a-days
  • Social Media presence to boost credibility – Credibility is a crucial factor that determines where you rank in Google’s SERPs. Google ranks your website higher if it happens to be credible i.e. more is the number of people linking back to you, higher rank you would attain in search results. Relevance, reach and resonance are considered while your social media presence is analyzed for Google ranking
  • Google+ yet another important medium – It has been acknowledged that posting on Google+ on a daily basis. Joining communities, sharing your profile, posting relevant content and being active on Google+ are significantly important while you work towards better rankings
  • Revisit and strengthen your SEO plan – Merely having an SEO plan in place does not suffice the purpose of attaining higher ranking. What matters more is revisiting your plan from time to time to strengthen it further in sync with what the latest requirements and algorithms are as on date. Keywords, meta tags, alt tagging of images, word count of your blog and so on are all crucial to having your SEO techniques work in your favor

From the above article, we can derive the conclusion that both social media and content are crucial for any and every SEO strategy to work and it is essential to keep self abreast with the latest developments to ensure you do not lag behind in the Google rankings.

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