Special and Unique Gifts Birthday Gifts for your New Husband

So as a new bride the day has finally come where you will be celebrating the first birthday of the man you love who is now officially your husband. Surely, you want this day to be special, Yet, you are confused on what will be the perfect gift. Every new bride wants to give the man of her dream a gift that will let him know just how special he is to her. But what do you give this man who is your knight in shining armor? Do you give him the same old traditional gifts that are passed out to husbands on their birthdays every year? You know what am talking about ladies that plain old standard business tie, power tool or even a barbecue grill? Or do you step out of the box and become creative giving a gift that he will not only remember but will brag about to friends and family and to anyone who will listen? Of course, this is the gift that you want to give. Here are some unique birthday gifts for your husband which will remind him just how special he is to you.

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First, let’s explorer the great gifts that centered on his hobbies. For instance, does your husband like to fish or hunt? With his new life as a husband he most likely has limited his time outdoors pursuing his interests. Ladies, the ultimate gift for this husband would be a paid fishing or hunting excursion with a pro guide. You could even make this gift really out of this world by including one or more of his close friends to tag along to give him the ultimate guys day outing. What man would not be happy to be gifted with this birthday package? Maybe fishing and hunting are not his interests; no need to worry ladies there are plenty other great ideas out there for you to consider. Perhaps, your husband likes to cook or grill. Believe it or not there are plenty husbands who imagine themselves has the next Bobby Flay waiting to be discovered. In that case, why not treat him to a private cooking class with a top male chef in your area. You will be surprised to discover the number of cooking and grilling classes available for the blossoming chef. Still unsure about the above gifts as being the right gift for your husband?


Don’t despair there are plenty other options available. In addition, these option might also fulfill his lifelong bucket list.  Almost every man out here ladies has a dream or fantasy he’s had since boyhood he would like to see come true even if for a day. Think how great it would be ladies if you could help to make that dream or fantasy come true on his birthday. Your husband might be dreaming of owning that Porsche or Lamborghini, of course, for the majority of men this will always be a dream. However, the chance of driving one doesn’t have to be dream there are several private car rental agencies that will allow you to rent one these expensive cars for the day or even an hour. Does he see himself as the dashing pilot flying around the world? Why not book him a private flight class with you as a passenger at your local airport. Another gift that will take him off the ground is a parachuting class which you could also do with him or let him take the leap on his own. Perhaps, his interests are under the sea in that the case then a private dive class would be a great new experience for him or if he’s more adventurous and has diving experience about a cage dive with sharks. Ladies the choices for a unique out gift are numerous it’s up to you find the perfect one !

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