Will GST Course help in Job?

This one question is asked by most of the Finance and students for professionals courses such as CA, CS and CMA. They are always sceptical about the importance of GST Course for their careers and jobs.

According to a few experts, GST will make Indian companies across sectors hire more than 20000 finance professionals specifically to handle GST compliances and related issues.

I hope I have explained the biggest reason enough. But just to give my claim little more supporting we will try to discuss it in detail – How GST Online Training can help you to get a new job, promotion or start your finance consultancy business.

After the introduction of GST, the old and unskilled workforce of finance professionals became obsolete in terms of the latest knowledge of the new law. Therefore, there was an urgent requirement of the skilled and intelligent workforce which can easily sail through the requirements of the new GST regime.

With the emergence of online education in India, there are tons of certificate course on GST from where any aspirant can learn GST online easily.

There are tons of GST Certification courses available online but the reliable ones are only a few with excellent facilities, great course content, physical books and accredited certifications. As a student, I would definitely choose and recommend any course that has all the features given below:

  • Taught by expert faculty for GST – Some of the renowned expert faculties are Bimal Jain, Rajkumar, Dippak Gupta etc.
  • Course Content should be up to date and well-detailed;
  • Taught in an understandable method;
  • The certificate is accredited by valid organisations;

Why it matters to have a GST Certification?

I hope by this point now, we all agree that companies are actively looking for Individuals having good knowledge and expertise over GST and related topics. But why a GST certified professional is preferred over a noncertified professional. It’s because of the accreditation. Certification helps you to prove whether you actually have done something or not. Also, did you excel at it or not.


You don’t always need a job?

Alongside with the increase in demand employees skilled with GST, there is a significant increase in a number of professionals practising under GST. GST has provided every finance professional who wished to make an entry in Indirect Tax Regime an opportunity to start from an equal level playing field.

But this also means a lot of finance professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and other professionals such as tax return preparers, retired tax officials, tax lawyers got an abundant opportunity to enter the market.

The Government of India and Central Board of Indirect Tax and Customs has introduced specific test examination for Individuals and professionals interested in making their career as GST Practitioners. Therefore, to excel at the GST Practitioner course also, it is necessary to learn the basics of GST where an Online GST course will be helpful.

GST Courses available will teach you all about the latest Goods & Service Tax as well as its provisions along with all the details for GST registrations, Debit-credit notes, accounting entries, return forms, Input tax credits and Anti-profiteering provisions.

This will definitely help you become robust with all the concepts connected with GST and the new taxation regime.

Where there will be an equal competition among you and your peers – It’s quite obvious that a person with GST certification will be preferred over a person without GST knowledge. No doubt on that.

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