7 Feng Shui items for good luck

With Feng Shui principles, you can easily remodel your interior to become a magnetic field for attracting happiness. However, it doesn’t matter if you decorated your space in a modern or traditional style, because the feng shui philosophy can be applied to any interior.

In the following text, you will learn how decorative details and times that symbolize happiness can have a positive effect on home energy. However, keep in mind that each home is a story for itself, which means that in some places the changes in energy will become apparent the moment you make the necessary changes, while in others it will take some time for the good luck items to activate and start to attract positive vibrations.

There are many ways in Feng Shui to attract happiness but also amulets, talismans or things that are believed to bring good luck.

Here are 7 of them.

1) Use bamboo as a decorative detail

In feng shui, bamboo is considered one of the luckiest amulets. This plant stands out among other plants because water is all it needs. Bamboo is a multifaceted herb because, in addition to luck, it also attracts peace. Also, bamboo improves mood and increases productivity.

If you decide to buy bamboo or get it from someone, a particularly convenient place for it is near the middle of the room because in this way the positive impact of its energy spreads throughout the room. Although considered positive, it should not be kept in the bedroom, like all other plants too.

The number of bamboos held together also has a special meaning and generally means: the larger the number of bamboos, the greater the positive impact.

2) Fatima’s Hand (Hamza, God’s Hand)

It can be carried in a bag or kept at home for the sake of good health and the general protection of the owner.

Fatima’s fist serves the owner to bring good luck and protect him from harm. It offers protection in dangerous situations and lends a person vital strength and power. In Babylon, the outstretched hand was a symbol of happiness. In Egypt, the Hand was worn to attract happiness with the image and to keep it at any cost when happiness came. In the Middle Ages, Fatima’s hand was a widespread and favourite symbol of happiness.

You can wear Fatima’s hand around your neck or your hand as jewellery, or keep a figurine in your home, in any case, it is a good luck magnet.

3)The dragon

A mythical creature and one of the most commonly used talismans. It is believed to bring success, happiness in life, but also long life. The dragon is one of the strongest talismans for health because it regenerates the inner strength of man, making him invincible and untouchable – protects against disease and accident.

4) The picture with Koi fish

The home with the koi fish aquarium, in feng shui, is considered a place that symbolizes wealth, healthy interpersonal relationships and good luck. If you do not have the conditions to keep live koi fish, good luck will also be attracted by the image that depicts these animals. Instead of koi fish, you can put some other species, because according to Feng Shui philosophy, fish are generally attracting good luck.

5) Horseshoe

This is one of the oldest symbols of happiness of all time. It has been mentioned in ancient Irish legends and fairy tales, and there is much evidence that the horseshoe has the power to repel negative forces and negative people and keep them away from your home. The classic way to protect your home is to hang an iron horseshoe above the front door.

According to Feng Shui, horseshoes represent the personification of force on earth. It is a misconception that a good horseshoe is the only one that was accidentally found. Horseshoe paintings and decorative items also work well. Most importantly, they have to be made of iron, silver or gold.

Attaching a horseshoe to your home gives Feng Shui a strong protective talisman for the entire house. Bou can put it in your car and protect it from accidents and ensure good luck for all passengers too.

6) Fresh flowers

In addition to bringing a touch of nature into the interior and creating a relaxed atmosphere, fresh blooming flowers attract happiness and good luck. You can place the freshly picked flowers on the centre table in the room or next to the window sims. However, make sure that the stems do not have thorns, as they block the natural flow of energy.

7)Turtle symbols

The feng shui expert’s favourite symbol is the turtle. It is one of the four heavenly protectors that followers of feng shui believe in, making it a very powerful symbol. Whether the turtle’s armour is genuine or made of artificial materials, it is believed to be a powerful home keeper and a lucky amulet if placed near the front and back doors.

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