Best Ways To Increase Youtube Views & Subscribers

Increase Youtube Subscribers and Views
Increase Youtube Subscribers and Views

Youtube is increasingly becoming the most sought after social media platform. Today, every second person has a youtube channel. Some aim to become the mover and shaker, while for the others, it is the income that they might earn through this. As the traffic is increasing on the platform today, it has become hard to make your mark; to set yourself apart from the crowd. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to do so.

The first and the most important thing is that you do something different, something unique that sets you apart. You shall try to deliver novel ideas that pull the audience and are not monotonous. Do not always fall for the trends and maintain your uniqueness. Secondly, you are the product and the promotion too. Create a cover or logo for your channel that is not only catchy and fascinating but also becomes your identity. Simultaneously, choose a good description that describes your channel and what it aims to do, and how it is different from others. The first view should be good enough to compel the viewer to follow you and subscribe to your channel.
There is one golden rule here- quality over quantity. Do not be greedy to post more videos instead go for eye-catching and rich content.

Secondly, you need to understand the SEO steps and youtube algorithm. Use popular keywords for your video title, hashtags, categories etc. This topic requires some research and understanding on your end. Everything requires effort and time. Hence, you need to invest time in learning the sheer technicalities and algorithms that can be extremely helpful. It would show up your videos in suggestions and preferences thereby, bringing them to people’s notice.

Thirdly, work on promotion. Even the big brands require promotion and acknowledgement, so would you. Post the links to your channel on your Instagram bio, Twitter handle, Facebook page, and wherever possible. Ask friends and acquaintances to follow your subscribers (know more) and tell them to share your channel. People follow people; this works for youtube as well. Therefore, promotion holds utmost value and significance in this youtube journey.

Lastly, never cease to be the person you are. Just because you want to excel in this field or make your mark does not mean you will change for others. Everyone is unique, so are you. Let your channel and content speak for you. Let it be a reflection of your personality and do what makes you proud and happy. Do not fall for the trap of being a people appeaser and be who you are.

These are just some ground-level tips that I can offer you at the moment. However, I can guarantee that these would also be the most helpful in strengthening your foundation. Nothing comes easy, and good things always take time. In case you are initially unable to witness a boost in the number of subscribers, do not lose hope. Be persistent, determined, and strong-willed, and continue doing what you love. Good luck.

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