Everything about WooCommerce Mailchimp Newsletter Discount

WooCommerce email popup
WooCommerce email popup

WooCommerce in 2019 came out with the MailChimp Newsletter Discount ad-on that helps in collecting the email addresses of your visitors by giving them a discount. 

How does WooCommerce Mailchimp Newsletter Discount work?

Whenever a user will visit your site, a popup form will be shown on their screen. If they subscribe with their email address, the email address will get added to your MailChimp newsletter and likewise a unique coupon code will be sent to their email address.

For the user to view your offer, your sign-up form must be clear and visible. You have the option of putting them on the sidebar or using the pop-up styles. Allow your “offer message” to persuade the user to give his email address.

What do I need from MailChimp to get this plugin?

Only your MailChimp API key is needed. After you’ve entered your MailChimp key, click the list ID link. It will show all of your MailChimp account’s list IDs.


Desktop notice for the admin to see when a user subscribes to the newsletter.

Option to use a discount feature or make this as normal signups for the user.

Admin settings feature to make the popup and form match the color and look of your site.

Pre-defined variables are also available that can be used in the email message.

This newsletter plugin takes advantage of WooCommerce’s built-in coupon feature. As a result, you can customize almost every aspect of the coupon.

Change your email address and your name’s email address with ease.

Also, the plugin creates a unique voucher for each use.

The popup can be shown based on the length of the cookie.

Configure the popup to appear on mobile devices with ease.

Integration with the official MailChimp Popup. Popup allows this feature to offer discount coupons to users who sign up for MailChimp using the WooCommerce email popup.

Also, to improve personalization, new email variables have been introduced.

Coupons can be saved to your MailChimp account.

In order to disable WCMND discount mailings, send discount coupons straight from your MailChimp email campaigns using the coupon Merge Tag Option.


  1. Firstly, open the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Then go to Plugins and select Add New from the menu.
  3. Search for “WooCommerce MailChimp Newsletter Discount.”
  4. Install it.
  5. Then, press the Activate button.
  6. Finally, after you’ve installed it, you’ll find Newsletter Discount in the WordPress Dashboard’s left navigation bar.

Lastly, the Shortcode Settings:

Following is the shortcode setting to create the form using this plugin. Also, use these parameters along with the shortcode.

Shortcode: [wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount]


[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount width=”100%”]

(For 100% width.)

Button Width:

[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount btn_width=”auto”]

( For button auto width. You can use ‘100px’, ‘200px’ .)

Button Align:

[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount btn_align=’center’]

( Similarly, you could also use this to align for left or right.)


[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount layout=’vertical’]

( In the same way, Horizontal can be used.)

Top Text:

[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount top_text=’Get 10% Discount’] 

(Use top_text and then type whatever message you want.)

Top Text Align:

[wc_mailchimp_subscribe_discount top_text_align=’left’]

(Likewise, use right to align right.)


WooCommerce Mailchimp Newsletter Discount is one of the best plugins you could find for email marketing. Therefore, make the best use of it to deliver, market, and manage your mailing list, among other things.

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