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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), known as the Persian Gulf country, is regulated and administered by a central authority known as the Ministry of Health (MoH). There are seven zones in the country, and each zone has its hospital with different specialty centers. Several nursing schools in the country ensure that nurses have access to high-quality education and training. Many hospitals, specialty centers, and nursing schools in the UAE ensure that nurses are well trained and well educated in the different specialty areas.

The wages of a nurse in Qatar vary from hospital to hospital and according to the specialty you are interested in. A nurse can earn up to $400 per month in some of the best hospitals, while others earn up to $1000 per month. Being a nurse in Qatar can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, you should also be ready for the challenges of the job.

Nursing jobs in Qatar are in high demand. As a small country, it is affordable and has decent living conditions. The country is keen on hiring hard-working nurses who devote their hearts and souls. In addition to all this, Qatar also offers them a good payroll package. People are free and friendly, and society has discipline.


How is the healthcare industry in Qatar?

According to a report released by Alpine Capital, Qatar has the highest per capita medical costs of $ 2,043 for the entire GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). Doha News reports that Qatar’s health care costs are expected to double by 2020. Qatar also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world at 78.1 years.

New statistics show that the United Arab Emirates medical sectors are expected to grow significantly over the next few years. This is an excellent opportunity to find a healthcare job in Qatar.


Qatar Medical Professional Career Growth

Qatar’s healthcare industry has many growth opportunities. You can gain the necessary experience and appear on the exam to advance your career. For example, a nurse can begin her career as a registered nurse (RGN) in Qatar. If you have a specific nursing specialty, you can also become a Registered Midwife (RM) or Clinical Nursing Specialist (CNS).

You can also register as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) if you have a high degree of education and experience. Even if you are looking for a nurse job in Qatar and have only experience as a nurse, there are many future opportunities to develop and land a well-paid nurse job. Some universities offer many different types of nursing diplomas and graduate courses.


Who is a registered nurse??

A Registered Nurse (RN) is a registered nurse who has completed a nursing program and meets the requirements set by a national, state, state, or similar government-approved licensing agency to obtain a nursing license.

RNs’ areas of activity are determined by the law and regulated by professional associations or councils. Registered nurses work in various professions, often specializing in one area. They may be responsible for overseeing the care provided by other healthcare professionals, such as student nurses, licensed practice nurses (excluding Canada), unlicensed support staff, and inexperienced nurses. I have. 4,444 Registered nurses usually need to complete a minimum of practice time and continuing education to retain their license. In addition, RNs often need to avoid being convicted of severe criminal convictions.


What is the qualification requirement for being a nurse in Qatar?

A qualification requirement for nurses in Qatar is a first-year nursing degree. There is also an assistant nurse (AN) program that can be completed in a short period. Various other nursing programs in the country can be completed in a shorter period. The job prospects of nurses in Qatar? There are about 121 hospitals in the country, with about 800 beds. The nursing shortage in Qatar is estimated to be about 17,000 nurses. This is expected to grow to an unprecedented 25,000 nurses by 2020. This can be attributed to medical tourism and the number of patients getting treated for various ailments.


Reasons to work as a nurse in Qatar

  1. Nursing in Qatar is as essential as it was before the Covid 19 pandemic; Qatar has expanded hospitals and clinics, primarily in the medical field.
  2. It has some of the best facilities in the world. Working there has to learn a lot to help you in your different nursing careers. This allows the patient to be treated more accurately.
  3. You will be an integral part of the global health community. This experience will help your career.
  4. It is a Gulf country, but you might have no problem getting used to English-speaking people.
  5. You will learn a lot about your job. Many people surround you. It is essential to your work because you have to provide them with social and emotional support. Cultural awareness and acceptance are necessary to your work.


The pros of being a nurse in Qatar

Here is an essential overview of the pros and cons of being a nurse in Qatar.

  1. Great Hospital System and Easy Schedules – Medical tourism is also increasing in the country, and this has ensured that there is no shortage of jobs for nurses in the country. There are many hospitals and specialty centers in the country that require nurses.
  2. Modern Healthcare System – The healthcare system in Qatar is also the state of the art, modern, and even has a 6-star facility that the country’s ruler operates
  3. Low Turnover Rate – With hospitals and nursing centers that need nurses, the turnover rate of nurses in Qatar is low.
  4. Plus Points of Foreign Nationality – Being a nurse in Qatar can be very satisfying since you can do a very gratifying job, which is also a very challenging job.


Final Words

Qatar’s medical industry cares a lot about people. You have enough time to live a tax-free life and grow as a person in Qatar. The healthcare industry understands and has some of the best vacations, annual leave, and sick leave for anyone in the profession. Many hospitals provide accommodation, and Qatar has nursing vacancies for employees based on their position. Many people acquire and apply for Qatar for these social benefits and settle in Qatar. In Qatar, you can gain experience and build a career.

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