Free High DA Do Follow Article Submission Sites List [August 2020]

Free High DA Do Follow Article Submission Sites List [August 2020]

Article Submission for SEO is used for building high-quality links at scale. It is used by thousands of people to build links on their sites. Some people belonging to the big organization once stated that the article submission doesn’t exist anymore. But it is not true. In point of fact, there are two kinds of article submission, i.e. low-quality article submission and high-quality article submission. 

Low-quality article submission means posting spun articles and this type of posting doesn’t exist now. High-quality article submission is highly effective and doing very well nowadays. It is so effective that you can use this to build top-quality links at scale. 

Challenges in Article Submission

There are some common challenges in article submission and we need to overcome these challenges for better results. The challenges can be-

  • Finding content for the article submission– We should never run out of content. We must always be ready with our website to article submission.
  • Quality of content– We should try to write a high-quality article. Writing a high-quality article in less time can serve fruitful for the website admin. 
  • Getting backlinks– Backlinks are important to SEO. It is created when one website links to another. When you know that the situation is as such that you are unlikely to succeed or all the odds are against you then so must focus on ways to get the backlinks for your posts. 

Steps For Publishing the Article

We are already aware of the challenges in the article posting and how we can overcome it. Now we must know the steps required for publishing the article posting. The steps are as follows-

  • Firstly, we should find a decent content for the website to article post.
  • Discover the attractive article ideas.
  • Start writing the articles.
  • Find relevant and high-quality article site.
  • Register on it through email id.
  • Post the article content and gets published.

Don’t worry about the amount of time it will take. It may take a little bit more time. But results can be in your favour. And the results are dependent on many factors- (for example, the size of the website, quality of traffic received, the quality of resource you send, etc.). The results may vary but you can get a high amount of traffic from the reference of your articles. 

Article Submission is a content marketing strategy and an SEO technique that will help promote your personal or corporate brand. Article posting is highly encouraged by the authors as it is mutually beneficial. Besides being promotional it is highly targeted towards enhancing the knowledge of the audience towards any specific topics. If you article post on a site that gains more traffic it will give you exposure to the right audience. If you have an art to present something unique, then as an SEO Expert you should do an Article Submission. Catchy headings with exciting titles attract views. 

List of Free High DA Do Follow Article Submission Sites List [August 2020]:

Article Submission Website DA 96 95 93 92 90 76 74 73 71 60 56 56 50 48 47 46 44 44 43 43 42 41 40 39 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 33 31 30 30 29 28 27 27 27 27 26 26 26 25 24 24 23 23 22 20 20 19 19 19 18 13 13 13 10 10 10 7 1 1 1 1

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