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In this digital marketing era where online presence is of utmost significance, hearing the term SEO has become quite frequent. For those who are into the digital field are aware of the SEO concept well but those who are naive to it – here we take through a quick walk through of the most trending tool these days.

 Introduction to SEO

SEO is a much sought after the tool that happens to be a part of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a broad concept that includes anything and everything from social media to content marketing to email marketing, paid media, digital analytics, marketing automation, influencer marketing and so on.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure adopted for website optimization to ensure that it works well in the organic search. It is the newest marketing discipline that focuses on enhancing any website’s visibility in organic (unpaid) search results. It covers both technical as well as creative elements to boost the rankings, website traffic, and awareness among both search engines as well as target audiences.
Call it strategy or technique or tactic – all goes well with what SEO does and what it is meant for. The motive is simple i.e. to bring about an increase in the number of visitors to a particular website by obtaining higher ranks in the organic search results. The algorithm behind organic searches also likes SEO friendly content rank high.
SEO is no rocket science – it is simply a measurable and repetitive process needed to send signals to search engines informing them that your web pages are worth showing in the Google’s index.

Entering the world of SEO (How SEO works?)

SEO services in India have spread like wildfire across all the sectors regardless of the type, size, and line of business. On one hand there are companies offering SEO consultancy services and on the other hand, we find Best SEO expert  in india willing to render his services. But what continues to remain the same is the need for SEO. Having heard so much about SEO, the eagerness to know how it works is definitely sky high. So let us have a quick look on how SEO works?
There are two general methods followed for SEO:
• On Page SEO – This basically deals with optimization of your web page and website. The major factors that are included in On-Page SEO are Keywords, Meta Tags, Sitemap, Robots
• Off Page SEO – This aims at beginning to promote your website using techniques like link building, guest blogging, classifieds, business listings, blog commenting, press release, forums etc.
If Content is the King then Conversion has to be the Queen. Both content and conversion lay the foundation of a SEO friendly web page or website that ultimately enhances the ranking on the organic search list. While we talk about content, keywords happen to be the key to effective content. Keywords are the stepping stone to enter the world of SEO; these are the most searched words i.e. the users tend to search these words online with an intention to find out the details about what they are looking for.
The words having high search volume are listed as the most important keywords which will ultimately increase the traffic on any website once incorporated as part of your website content. User friendly content is the one which includes the most searched words by the users themselves. This would mean viewers spending more time on your web page and that is how it makes an impact on the visitors’ minds.
SEO is similar to any other field of learning wherein you learn the basics and implementation techniques to be finally applied on the project. A SEO consultant is well versed with the nitty gritties of what lies within and outside the SEO concept. Rendering SEO services in India has become one of the most searched for service in the recent times – all thanks to the high pace digitalization globally.
It is not necessary that every SEO technique that performs well for one business will do good for another one too. A thorough research using the respective tools will decide which strategy suits any particular website or business well. As Jill Whalen says, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”

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Importance of SEO in Business

In today’s competitive world, SEO is indispensable. Anyone who has a website, blog or online store, SEO is inevitable for the growth of the same and meets the ultimate business objectives. SEO forms an integral part of every robust marketing strategy for small, medium and large business organizations. Over time, it has been proven that SEO offers a better ROI as compared to any other conventional form of marketing. While you understand the importance of SEO for your business, the primary step is to hire a Best SEO expert in India, whether individual or company, is absolutely your discretion.
Let us have a look at few factors that have made SEO so significant for every business:
• Business Visibility and Branding – As users, whenever we search for any product or service online, the first thought that comes to our mind, with the results in front of us, is to choose the one that stands at the top. Human psychology it is, to go with the flow and follow the trend. Holding the top rank in the search results is unquestionably the best however even if you are not then also the fact is to at least appear in the first few search results i.e. repeated occurrences of your brand name or website in the top few search results would mean that the users would sooner or later visit your website and know your brand. This is what SEO does!! By deploying the right SEO strategy for your business, visibility and brand recognition is viable for just anyone.
• Business Credibility – For almost all of us, Google is our trusted partner for anything and everything we are searching for. It is an indispensable support system even in our routine lives. Our bent of mind is such that any brand or business or website that appears among the top few search results becomes our choice automatically since we trust Google for its results. Therefore just being there on the first page of Google search results, does half the work and that is what lays a solid foundation for business credibility.
• Business Traffic – The ultimate aim of SEO is to increase the traffic on your website since that is one of the most effective ways to boost your business. Increased traffic would not mean proportionate increase in sales but that definitely means high approach rate and increased target audience. What follows is putting in best efforts to sell your products and services to the visitors and convert them to become your customers.
• Best ROI – Not only does SEO prove to be the most effective marketing technique but it offers the best ROI among the so many advertising techniques that exist. No online marketing strategy can work without a strong and effective SEO plan in place.
• Fair Insight to your customers’ mind and expectations – The right SEO plan allows you to get an unmatched insight into your customers’ expectations and preferences. The values and metrics that can be fetched through the various SEO tools serve as a concrete base to stay informed and decide accordingly.
A good SEO consultant knows the in and out of the digital marketing sector and keeps himself updated with the latest developments and advancements that happen globally.

Why should you hire me as Your Best SEO Expert In India?

When you are new to the game, taking a decision might become a daunting task. Since SEO services in Delhi and everywhere have become a prerequisite for every business owner, it is necessary to explore the market and zero upon the best SEO expert in Delhi around. Another important decision to be taken is whether you should hire a Freelance SEO consultant or SEO company? While we talk of any SEO company then consider it as just another company that focuses only on the productivity and final delivery of services. The same can make you feel lost in the flooded customer base, the respective SEO company has.
If the trend is to be followed then hiring a Freelance SEO consultant india is a better way to accomplish your business objectives. A freelancer has definitely chosen this line since it is his passion, therefore, the results would be commensurate with the level of the freelancer’s passion too. As a freelancer, I believe in getting into a detailed conversation with the client first to understand his business and requirements and then proceed ahead with strategizing accordingly.
I always strive towards deploying an effective SEO plan for your business to outrank your counterparts in this highly competitive market. So think of considering my SEO services for your requirements and stay rest assured of the results.