What Is A Particle Count Meter?

Particle Count Meter
Particle Count Meter

To begin with, a clean and hygienic place is the top concern for your industry. Generally, the facilities of a clean room are essential in the developing world for you, usually during manufacturing semiconductors and various other products such as pharmaceutical products. And products that are sensitive to environmental contamination need cleanroom facilities. Now, you must be aware that this clean facility is not just to avoid dust in the room. But it is also essential to measure the airborne particles. Your cleanrooms are usually classified into nine classes to prevent any minor problems. This class is determined per cubic meter by the number of particles.

And to identify the class of your room, a particle count meter is used. Generally, a particle count meter tool helps you monitor, classify, and diagnose the source. The source here means the start of contamination, which makes your operation room eventually contaminated. As a result, this tool helps you maintain the desired level of cleanliness in your operation room. 

A particle count meter

What is a particle count meter for you? Generally, a particle counter is a tool that helps you in detecting—and counting the physical particles in your operating room. Now, you must know these particles counter is available in most three categories. This includes aerosol, solid, and liquid. As a result, you need to select the correct monitoring counter. To monitor the condition of your operating room.

Furthermore, airborne particles likely play a crucial role in classifying, monitoring, and diagnosing the source of the contamination in your room. Especially for the manufacturers of flat panel displays, hard disk storage is concerned with the proven air quality of the room. In addition to that, this tool is also essential for you to achieve the ISO Class certification.

IF YOU ARE NOT AWARE, this ISO Class certification is mainly for your cleanroom. And your clean spaces. Generally, your workspace tends to change according to the demands of production. As a result, it takes special efforts for you to keep your space clean. And maintain the required level of cleanliness in your space. In addition to that, you will know that electronics manufacturing also needs strict controls, especially when the product is involved with flammable, toxic, reactive, or corrosive material.

Furthermore, throughout the production period of your product, the yield drops when it makes contact with aircon material, dust, trace moisture, and such things. Thus, these are some reasons why a particle count meter is essential. It helps you function effectively during the production period of your product and many other things. 

How does a particle count meter work?

Now, the working of your particle count meter is effortless. Suppose you have an essential grip on the working of these tools. You can understand the particle counts much better. A particle count tool works on the basic principle of light scattering or light blocking. That is, an aerosol stream is pulled out through the chamber. So, when this light lights up the particle. It is absorbed. Now the size of the particle is related to the single light scattering by a single particle in one single direction. It has a unique signature from this single direction to the original direction. So, this allows the counting of the individual articles to your tool. Furthermore, the particle counter you use is generally made of 4 things. The components are as follows.

  1. The particle count meter has a Light source. 
  2. The counting tool consists of the flow system.
  3. It also has counting electronics.
  4. And a photo detention Electronics.

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